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Email validation, in short, is done for improved deliverability & marketing boost. Your email-marketing program is as good as the list you are sending to. Most of the time, companies invest 1000’s of dollars on sending powerful email marketing campaigns to their subscribers.


What they don’t realize is nearly half the time, they are sending to emails, which have been long inactive. Even the most compelling, relevant and timely emails are nothing but a waste since you are mailing to undeliverable addresses, spam traps, and people who complain about your messages. These result in your emails going to spam folder or worst, getting blocked from reaching the recipients.


How does email validation and sender reputation work?

AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and other Internet Service Providers (ISP) are actively filtering millions of emails they receive each day on day-to-day basis. To scan through so many millions of emails they receive, it’s an increasingly difficult task for them so they rely on something called a sender’s reputation. This determines basically who gets in and who doesn’t. Return-path (a reputable email company) reports that nearly 77% of the time, it’s the delivery problems that degrade sender’s reputation score. Validate email for bounces, complainers, and spam traps; without it, your emails are likely to end up in junk folder. This is why its is recommended to our email address verifier to verify email addresses and get rid of undeliverable emails.


How does email validation improve your reputation?

Email validation initially identifies all the list of undeliverable email addresses and then most services go on to validate for other things such as spam trap (aka honey pots) and complainers. A email list cleaning software or service would benefit you by providing email validation services that provide vast number of benefits. These benefits span from reduction in bounces, fewer complaints and lower emails to spam trap email addresses, increased delivery rate to inboxes, lower costs, fewer fake addresses, and most of all increased bottom-line coming from more accurate leads. Once a list has been validated, large companies have reported a massive reduction in bounces of up to 95% and increased bottom-line that very year.


What does email validation scan against?

Our email verifier app scans against a large number of things before it marks an address being either valid or invalid. Our email validation process includes things like catching any syntax errors or unbalanced delimiters, making sure the domains and MTA are responding as they should, verifying if an inbox actually exists under that name, removing any previous complainers or spam trap addresses, getting rid of high risk keywords and domain names, eliminating service-role emails and much more. For a comprehensive list of things, our email address validation service scan against, you can have a look into our innovative email verification process.

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