Why Should Email Marketers Not Hang on Bad Data?

For B2B email marketers, data is a blessing in disguise because it drives business and growth. You are probably struggling with inactive email addresses, and these addresses will stay with you. The sky isn’t falling, but for marketers, their journey ends when they overlook list hygiene. According to research, more than 80% of the B2B marketers witnessed a deliverability of less than 20%. In short, one in every email addresses on their list were either inactive or dormant. While list verification software such as email verify removes bad addresses from the ecosystem, consider the glorious benefits to maintaining list hygiene to reach your marketing goals.

Why Should Email Marketers Not Hang on Bad Data? – Email Verify

1) Indicates the degree of hard work

As an email marketer, your job is not to blindly fling emails to every email address on your list. Frantically sending messages without validating the existence of the customer can prove costly. A low bounce rate is reflective of how seriously you take the results obtained from the marketing metrics. Giving the ESPs and the clients a gumption that you will keep sending newsletters without giving a second thought will create negative ripples and will question the existence of your business. Therefore, regularly scrub the email list using email verify to avoid potential deliverability issues in the future.

2) Attracts negative reputation

In email marketing, marketers who embrace their email evil ends up generating negative word-of-mouth publicity for their brand. A high bounces rate works a red mark on your reputation and hurts your deliverability beyond repair. There is nothing wrong with flaunting your wisdom by sending frequent informative newsletters to the target audience. However, ensure that the target audience exists in the real-world and not merely present in the email. Trust us; there is no thrill in blasting messages to everyone under the sun. Think, create and trigger messages to people who love to hear from your brand.

3) Ignorance is not bliss

Every undelivered email skews your marketing statistics including, open rate, conversion rate, and click-through rate. The effectiveness of the marketing campaign is in a haze with every email that bounces. Therefore, boost your metric clarity by eliminating the invalid email addresses from the list. Once, the notorious email addresses leave the email ecosystem; you will have insights giving some meaningful messages. Using the insights you can tweak changes in the marketing campaign. In an email, ignorance is not bliss.

4) Goodbyes are not always hard

You might consider dumping the invalid and inactive customers as a potential business loss. On the contrary, it’s a blessing because holding on to someone who is not interested to hear from your business is a sheer waste of time. Therefore, bid goodbye to customers who have unsubscribed from the email list to mitigate the spam complaint rate. Just do what you think is right for your business. Don’t stress too much because email marketing is not rocket science. And, whatever you decide, regularly use email verify to improve email deliverability and build a long-term customer relationship.