Inveigle your Diners with Smart List Management

As a restaurant owner, are you collecting the email addresses of the diners who visit your restaurant?  Are you segmenting the diners based on their eating preferences? The taste buds of every diner are different and crafting personalized messages to tantalize their taste buds is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. A restaurant that overlooks smart list management tactics often end-up in the bad books of the diners. Sending a pizza lover information about a Chinese food festival in your restaurant will only attract negative penalty. Therefore, apart from list management, you need to scrub the marketing list using email verification tool to reach the inbox of the readers.

Inveigle your Diners with Smart List Management using Email Verification Tool

1) Grow your fan following

All savvy email marketers focus on growing their database using genuine list acquisition strategies. Also, during the sign-up process, ask the customers what they want to hear about  (e.g., beverages, special cuisines or private events) to avoid getting filtered as spam in the future. Here are a few compelling ways to accelerate the growth of your email list. Put a sign-up form next to the cash counter. And, offer 5% discount on the next visit to people who share their email address. Ask for the email address on the bill receipts. Customers who loved dining at your restaurant are likely to share their credentials. In the digitally growing world, customers love to access free Wi-Fi even during dining. Therefore, gate the Wi-Fi password and ask the customers to share their email address to access it. Whatever customer acquisition strategy you use, focus on list validation using email verification tool to avoid hard bounces and spam complaints.

2) Segment the list

Once, you have successfully grown the email list, it’s time to think about different ways to segment the list to increase the effectiveness of the marketing messages. According to research, companies who divide their list into small silos witness a 40% increase in their open rate and click-through rate. The reason being that segmentation empowers you to craft email messages, which are relevant to the readers on your list. Use geography, demographics, food preferences, visit history to segment the customers.

3) Send emails customers are hungry for

Jean, a fast-food lover recently signed-up for the newsletter of her favorite food outlet. She was expecting useful information such as discounts, offers, upcoming dishes and how to cook her favorite food at home. Contrary to her belief, the fast-food chain was sending her information about their latest catering and banquet services.  Tired of receiving emails opposite to her interest, Jean decided to unsubscribe from the mailing list and stopped visiting the food outlet. The fast-food chain focused on ONLY marketing, which resulted in a negative customer experience. Therefore, as far as possible, send content that the customers want to read. Hence, set expectations at the beginning to avoid breaching the trust of the customers. It’s never too late to manage your email list, it’s the most important tool in your arsenal.  Therefore, focus on cleaning the list on a regular basis using email verification tool to satisfy the craving of the diners.