How to Maintain Safe Distance from the Blacklists?

To generate new leads and to have a higher conversion rate, companies need to give due importance to email deliverability. If marketers falter on providing them relevant content and send too many spam emails, customers are likely to drift away and join a competitor’s email list. Companies who fail to leave an impact and focus only on sales will not only hurt the reputation of their company. But, will ruin their email reputation as well. If once the customer filters your message as spam, your domain name and IP address will land in the blacklist. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on list verification using email verifier tool to win the hearts of the audience and ensure you trigger messages to customers who want to hear from your brand.

How to Maintain Distance from the Blacklist Using Email Verifier Tool?

1) Maintaining high email deliverability

In the email marketing world, you reap close to $40 for every one dollar you spend. But, this is dependent upon whether the customer will receive your message or not. The ROI will decrease if the customers never receive the email from your brand. However, you may receive high deliverability rate, but the ROI may decline. This is primarily because you were earlier sending informative messages because of which customers never flagged your emails. But, now you’re probably sending junk content, which is the reason for customer revolt and lower ROI. Furthermore, focus on cleaning the marketing list using email verifier tool to engage with customers who want to hear from your brand.

2) Sending a limited number of emails

A large and a sudden spike in the deliverability is the prime reason which can get your email address to the dreaded blacklist. Therefore, try to maintain a regular sending pattern without deviating much from the usual. And, if you have an extensive marketing campaign, try distributing the content over a couple of weeks. Instead of triggering everything at once. Also, if you’re catering to the global audience take into account different time zones. You will reach the audience at the correct time. Last, but not the least, try to find a sweet spot where the number of emails is not too high nor too low.

3) Keeping a hawk eye on your reputation

While email content plays a crucial role in deciding whether the message reaches the junk folder or the email folder, sender’s reputation is also decided the fate of your email. The sender’s reputation directly impacts the inbox placement and helps a marketer reach their audience. However, the sender’s reputation is dependent upon hard bounce rate, open rate, spam complaint rate and hard bounce. And, while it takes weeks to develop a sender’s reputation, it is ruined within seconds. A few lousy marketing campaigns will damage the reputation beyond repair. You need to keep a close eye on the reputation to ensure you stay away from the blacklist. Email deliverability is all about finding a way to make data-driven decisions consistently. In addition to reaching the inbox, its crucial to scrub the email list using email verifier tool to win the trust of the readers.