How Healthy is Your Email List?

When it comes to marketing and reaching the target audience, email marketing is big pie. And, it’s the best tool available under the belt of a marketer. Are you among those marketers who periodically clean their email list? When was the last time you cleaned the subscriber’s list using email verification online? Is your target audience on your list? In the digital world, it’s so easy to create a marketing list and forget about it completely. A number of companies overlook their list and set their focus on the content because it engages their audience. But, when the foundation is weak, the building is bound to collapse sooner or later.So, how will you determine the health of the most important tool in your arsenal?

How Healthy is Your Email List – Email Verification Online?

The following two metrics will give you a deep insight of quality of list you’re using to enhance your revenue.

1) Graymail

Think from the perspective of your target audience. How many times have you shared your email address at exhibition and expos? Do you bother to check those messages? Leave checking, do you intend to unsubscribe from their mailing list in the near future? If the answer is no, you are a graymail, which is a liability to the business. This type of customers agree to receive messages from your end but doesn’t really want it. Group anyone who hasn’t opened the messages in the past 6-12 months under the graymail category.

However, don’t be in a hurry to eliminate these addresses permanently from your marketing list. Craft a re-engagement campaign to win back the trust of the customers. Depending on the business, the campaign can offer discounts or a survey asking for feedback or simply asking the customers whether they want to hear from your brand or not. If the graymail users fail to respond, permanently delete their contact information. Removing them will provide a clearer picture of the success of your marketing efforts. However, remember to clean the marketing list using email verification online to remove malicious email addresses from the marketing list. List validation is crucial to determine the health of your email list.

2) Hard Bounce

Another marketing nightmare is the ‘Hard Bounce.’ Weeding out the hard bounces from the subscriber’s list will give life to your marketing efforts. The number of hard bounces you receive determines the sender’s reputation and decides the fate of your email. Your customers will not know they are causing a bounce until you inform them. For customers who don’t respond to your request are probably using dead email addresses. It’s pointless sending expecting them to turn into loyal customers. Also, scrub the marketing list once every 3 months using email verification online to remove any entry of dead email addresses. Removing graymail and hard bounce will certainly lighten your list. And, these addresses are doing more harm than good. Your engagement and deliverability rate will shoot up once you get rid of them. Also, there is no industry standard on how frequent you should clean the list, but if you choose a time-frame, always stick to it.