6 Ways to Increase the Open Rate of your Email Newsletter

Though new advertising media such as social media and mobile apps are making way, email remains a vital communication drive for both marketers and customers. Due to the growing popularity, email has become a staple marketing tool allowing businesses to communicate with their respective target audience. Today, newsletters are a leading way for marketers to connect directly with the readers. Therefore,  marketers need to focus on list verification using email address verifier to touch base with readers who want to hear from your brand. Increasing the open rate is not an art, and there is no hidden science behind it.

6 Ways to Increase the Open Rate of your Email Newsletter Using Email Address Verifier

You need to follow these six strategies to help your business make the most of its email marketing campaign.

1) Test your ideas

Not all subject lines will resonate with the audience and while you may spend time on thinking about crafting a unique subject line. It’s crucial to test your ideas before triggering the send button. Using A/B testing, you can quickly test two different options in hand. After studying statistics, you can understand which subject line garners the most open rate. It will help you increase the open rate, which will automatically enhance the results of the marketing campaign. However, remember to clean the email list regularly using email address verifier to avoid hitting the spam traps.

2) Seek permission from the customers

The emails which receive the best response and open rate are the ones to customers who opted to receive messages from your brand. Therefore, focus on building your list with people who have signed up for your newsletter because it helps you avoid the potential spam complaints. Rising number of spam complaints and decreasing open rate forces your email services to shut down your account permanently.  To create a healthy and hygienic email list, you need to receive the consent of the customer.

3) Measure the penetration of promotional activities

The growth of your email campaign is not an independent variable, and you will sooner or later witness fluctuating demands. Your marketing and content calendar need to reflect these changes. For example, a holiday newsletter is likely to strike a chord with the audience in December, instead of June. Therefore, set your target growth rates and compare it across different email list to know what is working with the customers.

4) Run a re-activation campaign

Are you witnessing a decline in the open and engagement rate? If yes, it’s probably the right time to carry out a re-activation campaign. Such a campaign will urge the readers if they want to stay on your email list or not. If they don’t want to receive information from your brand, you can remove them from the marketing list.

5) Segment the audience

By segmenting the readers based on their preferences, you deliver a unique and targeted value proposition to the readers. And, you’re likely to witness the greatest ever success in your email campaign.

6) Focus on consistency

Marketers who adhere to a consistent send schedule can remain at the top of the minds of their target audience. Therefore, set up a schedule and send marketing messages based on the calendar. However, use email address verifier to maintain a hygienic email list.