5 Sure Shot Ways to Ruin your Sender’s Reputation

Today, a well-crafted email means thousands of dollars for the sales team and revenue for the email marketing campaign. But, unless the messages reach the inbox, your efforts will go in vain.  Also, delivery rates from sender’s with poor reputation score is lower than those for senders with a strong reputation. The difference in the delivery rate converts to a loss in the massive amount of revenue. Therefore, it’s crucial for the marketers to maintain a healthy sender’s reputation, especially if your brand is dealing with a massive email list. The sender’s status plays a crucial role in making it to the inbox of the customer. Therefore, focus on maintaining a healthy email list using email verifier to reach the inbox of the target audience.

5 Sure Shot Ways to Ruin your Sender’s Reputation – Email Verifier


Marketers who overlook list validation, often end up ruining their sender’s reputation beyond repair.

1) Using meaningless subject lines

If the email subject line looks like spam, reads like spam, it’s a spam subject line. It will urge the customers to filter the messages as spam even without opening the email. The customers will hit the spam button and get rid of your brand, but the ISPs will blacklist your email domain, which will adversely affect your sender’s reputation. Therefore, as a marketer ensure that your subject lines are always on point and provide relevance to the target audience.

2) Using an outdated email list

High bounces rates, especially the hard bounce negatively affects the sender’s reputation. With this in mind, it’s crucial for every email marketer to scrub the marketing list on a regular basis using list verification software such as email verifier. Scrub the marketing list for invalid emails and non-responders. You obviously don’t want your messages to reach deaf ears because you will only waste your time. Therefore, marketers who clean the list every three months usually have a high sender’s reputation.

3) Not adhering to consistency

Though the list quality is a fundamental aspect of an email campaign,  your sender’s score is imperative to its success. Customers remember only those brands who consistently keep in touch with them. Triggering messages once a year will not serve the purpose. Therefore, instead of flooding the inbox of the customers with meaningless messages, shift your focus on adhering to a solid consistency. Maintaining consistency will help you the marketing list naturally over time,  instead of adding masses all at once. The more you focus on flexibility, the better it will be for your brand and its reputation.

4) Offering meaningless content

Irrespective of whether you’re mailing too often or too many times, if you’re nothing valuable, your messages will either go unread or land in the trash folder. Offering crap content will turn off the subscribers, and they’re likely to unsubscribe from your newsletter. When you send meaningless messages, your sender’s reputation will plummet, and everyone will start hating your brand.

5) Hitting the spam traps

List hygiene is as crucial as building an email list. Spam traps are exclusively meant to catch spam marketers who focus on triggering blind messages to their email list. Furthermore, focus on cleaning the email list using email verifier to enhance the sender’s reputation.