5 Great Ways to Grow your Retail Email List during the Christmas Season?

While social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are a focal point for many marketers, email continues to surprise everyone. It is emerging as the leading tool to reach the target audience. Today, email is the preferred mode of communication among consumers.  Why? Because customers have control over it. Businesses today know that quality trumps over quantity and building a retail email list takes time. However, if you’re building your list for the Christmas seasons, remember to clean the marketing list using real time email verification to stop entry of miscreants in the marketing list.

5 Great Ways to Grow your Retail Email List during the Christmas Season? – Real Time Email Verification

If you’ve something valuable to share with the potential customers, follow these five ways to grow your retail email list.

1) Publish a case study

Today, case studies rock because they’re actionable and forces the customer to take the desired action. The case studies will provide your customers with an exact tactic to attain the results. When you share amazing content with the target audience, they are likely to share their email address. Through the case study, you can let the customers know what your brand is capable of and what they have previously done for the customers. If the customers like your offering, they will return to your brand again and again. Furthermore, if you publish quality content, Google will rank you higher than the others.  However, remember to focus on real time email verification to remove subscribers who sign-up just to receive the case study.

2) Create a referral email campaign

Allow your customers to do a little marketing for your brand. Create a promotional email campaign that your loyal customers will forward to their friends and family members. Provide the customers an introductory offer or a free one-week trial of your services. Furthermore, reward customers whose referral join your marketing campaign. It will help you grow your email list at an accelerating rate during the Christmas season.

3) Focus on cross promotion

Instead of focussing on only your ways to build an email list, why not partner with influencers, bloggers or company to grow the list. Cross promotion is a win-win situation because it will help the blogger and influencer to get in touch with your current customers. Additionally, it will open your horizon, and you will get in touch with new customers.

4) Host an event

One great way of increasing your marketing list is through hosting an event. People who want to become a part of the event can register using their email address. You can use the email address to communicate with the attendees, send schedules and update crucial information. For your retail store, events can be Christmas party or a Christmas quiz to lure the customers to buy from your store.

5) Share content with a niche community

A plethora of online communities is present where you can share content related to your niche. It will give your brand exposure to a new set of people. However, remember to scrub the marketing list using real time email verification for a fruitful email campaign.