4 Ways to Grow your Email List using Facebook?

Growing an engaged email list is a priority for marketers looking to create a successful strategy. But, a plethora of marketers end-up losing their patience in the middle because list building is a tedious and time-consuming process. Sending messages without a robust list is a futile exercise. If you’re tired of inactive email addresses, you need to focus on list verification using email list scrubber to reach the inbox. Reel the customers into a robust email list using the most powerful social media platform – Facebook. It will help you grow a list, and make your brand proud.

4 Ways to Grow your Email List using Facebook?- Email List Scrubber

1) Use paid advertising campaigns

Paid advertising is the game-changer on Facebook because it connects your brands with customers who want similar products.  You can ask their email address without pestering them to share their contact details. With Facebook, you can increase the size of your email list without facing any friction from the customers. Obviously, you will have to provide customers with a free sample to win their trust and maintain goodwill. Furthermore, it helps in forming a positive perception of your brand and customers are likely to share the information with their friends. If you decide to run a paid advertising campaign, remember to clean the list once every three months using email list scrubber to remove inactive and dormant subscribers.

2) Keep an eye on the competitors

There is nothing wrong with keeping an eye on the competitors. Join their Facebook group and understand what type of content is resonating with their audience. There is no harm in spying on the competitors because you’re not doing anything unlawful. From the competitor’s page, you can understand the type of content, which is creating the maximum buzz and the kind of offer which is going viral among the customers. It will help you craft an email campaign which delivers effective results and will assist in growing the marketing list.

3) Add a ‘Subscribe to Newsletter’ tab

Adding a ‘Subscribe to Newsletter’ tab on the Facebook homepage will accelerate the customer acquisition process. Focus on using the services of an ESP for this because if a customer shares their email address via Facebook, the same is automatically updated to the email list. It saves you time, and you can start sending messages instantly. Furthermore, let the customers know how they will benefit from your newsletter and what type of content you’re likely to share. It keeps the customer expectations at par with your capability. Also, any mismatch will spoil the customer experience beyond repair.

4) Deliver value content

To keep subscribers hooked to your Facebook and email list, you need to send interesting content. The content can be a short Facebook post or an exciting news related to your brand. Furthermore, there is little chance for success with uninspired email copies. The leading way to walk through the noise is by sharing compelling and unique content with the audience.

Therefore, for marketers looking to grow their database, they need to forget the shortcuts and take the scenic route to win the hearts of the customers.

Last, but not the least, scrub the marketing list using email list scrubber to avoid any roadblocks in your future endeavors.