4 Unique Ways for Travel Industry to Build an Email List?

How to make your travel industry stand out amidst the hundreds of online and offline companies? For a customer, wrestling with different companies and choosing the appropriate option for their travel desire is a tough decision. With stiff competition, it becomes difficult for marketers to reach the target audience. Today, email is probably the leading channel to reach the travelers because more than 90% customers in the U.S. rely on email for crucial business communication. And, with travel contributing $7.6 trillion to the world economy, your email campaign will take you miles. By creating an authentic email list, marketers can quickly build brand loyalty among the existing customers and helps in attracting new customers to the sales funnel. However, remember to clean my email list once every three months to avoid hitting the spam traps and bots.

4 Unique Ways for Travel Industry to Build an Email List? – Clean My Email List

Here are a few unique ways for the travel companies to nail the requirement of the customers and stand out in the inbox.

1) Optimum utilization of Smartphones

One marketing strategy, which can change the game of the travel industry is the rise of the smartphone. Today, smartphones are becoming a travel accessory for close to 75% people. And, even while traveling, customers never fail to check their email on their smartphone. Therefore, if you’re marketing to travel industry, you need a mobile email strategy to land in the inbox of the customers. According to a survey, more than one-third of travel bookings will be on a smartphone. Marketers need to utilize the rising penetration of Smartphones in the travel sector. Therefore, the need of the hour is to create a mobile strategy, which effectively reaches the target audience.

2) Set up your email list

When creating a travel-related email newsletter, remember to use travel templates to reach the inbox of the customers. Such templates will allow you to set-up your email list and increase the number of subscribers every passing day. Start collecting the email addresses from your website and urge the readers to sign up for your newsletter.  However, before adding the customer to the email list, remember to seek permission for sending messages. Otherwise, the customer will filter the messages as spam. Furthermore, focus on using list validation to clean my email list and gain direct entry to the inbox of the customer.

3) Choose the email content

With close to 195 countries, travel companies have a bouquet of options available at your disposal. From sending destination guides to travel tips and from sending information on holidays & festival to polls & quizzes, travel companies have a wide range of options available. But, still, companies fail to leverage it to their advantage. Focus on creating an email marketing plan that will make your customers feel special.

4) Make your offers sound urgent

For years, the urgency is a tried marketing tactic because flash travel sales are one way to lure the customers. Focus on creating a proposal that creates a sense of urgency and will increase the number of subscribers. Apart from the tactics mentioned above, focus on list verification and clean my email list on a regular basis to turn the odds in your favor.