3 Red-Hot Tips to Increase your Website Traffic and Grow your Email List?

Today, email marketing is becoming another world, which is making the life of marketers a little tough. Out of all the marketing goals, one vital and necessary goal for a marketer is driving organic traffic to the website. More traffic translates into more leads, sales, and higher revenue. However, driving the right type of traffic isn’t as easy as it seems. The right type of traffic translates to customers who will join your marketing list, which is crucial to the success of an email campaign. Every step is entwined with the other, which organic traffic even more crucial. Also, as a marketer, you need to understand that not all the customers who visit the website are genuine. Some would be sharing wrong or inactive email addresses just to avail the offer on the landing page. Therefore, it’s important to clean my email list on a regular basis to further enhance the traffic to your website.

3 Red-Hot Tips to Increase your Website Traffic and Grow your Email List? Clean My Email List

Here are a few authentic ways of list acquisition.

1) Leverage the power of visuals

Good news! The digital customer positively perceives the visual content because it creates the highest impact. Humans can absorb visuals way better than text. Visuals increase the retention power of the customer because of which they remember about the brand and share its information with their friends. This indirectly translates into greater traffic, which helps in building an authentic marketing list. However, clean my email list regularly to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand. Include eye-catching infographics and videos on your website to capture the attention of the visitor. Therefore, take a close look at your content and decide whether you can repurpose it into a visual format. Also, with rising competition, customers prefer brands who think out-of-the-box to deliver value to their readers.

2) Use the power of a guest blog

A popular way of increasing the subscribers is a guest blog post. With this strategy, you identify critical personalities in your business and write valuable posts for them. You need to send a carefully crafted pitch and turn your idea into a blog post which works as a lead magnet for your brand. However, it’s easier said than done because you need to foster the relationship with the influencer to write a guest post on their blog. It will help you drive traffic to the influencers website to your website.

3)  Answer questions on Quora

Today, Quora is a powerful medium for driving traffic to your site. Use the right keywords while answering the question and link the keyword to the anchor content on your website. It will drive traffic of customers who read your answers and found your brand worthwhile. However, don’t use Quora for spamming because the results can backfire. Focus on providing detailed explanations and add value to the knowledge database of the customers.

Increasing the website traffic is not rocket science. You need to focus on the basics and clean my email list regularly to build a strong customer base.