3 New Ways to Clean your Email List

In pursuit of executing exciting email campaigns, companies across the globe use email marketing as a medium to communicate with the target audience. Even though tweets and Facebook posts have replaced messages, affinity towards email has remained unchanged. In fact, because of the noise which social media creates, the inbox is the only place of solitude. Therefore, maintaining an email list has been more critical than it is now. But, there lies a fundamental problem, marketers do not know how to focus on list validation using an email list cleaner. When people are inundated with pitches, interruptions, an advertisement in the inbox, they prefer to leave the marketing campaign because there is no point receiving pointless emails from brands.

3 New Ways to Clean your Email List Using Email List Cleaner

However, it’s crucial to scrub the email list on a regular basis to touch base with customers who want to hear from your brand.

1) Detect spam emails

Today, spam traps are a fraud management tool used by ISPs to identify different spammers to block unsolicited messages from making a place in the inbox. Just like a real email address, spam traps have the cover of a real address but doesn’t belong to a real person. Such addresses are unusable for communication because the ISPs are monitoring it. One easy way of hitting a spam trap is by not maintaining a healthy email list. And, ISPs are on a constant lookout for companies who are not abiding by the permission-based sending. Therefore, it’s advisable to scrub the marketing list using email list cleaner every three months to avoid hitting the spam trap. As an email marketer, you cannot afford to have dead space on the marketing list. Having these accounts on the marketing list will do more harm than good.

2) Detect invalid ID

When an email address is incorrect or non-identifiable, it will bounce back with an error stating that the account cannot be found. Rectifying the mistakes on a small scale is simpler because spelling and syntax errors are detectable with a naked eye. And, more emails you send to unknown accounts the more you will come under the watchful eyes of the ISPs. Therefore, it’s wise to detect all invalid email addresses using a list verification to reach the inbox of the subscribers. However, before blindly sending emails to the customers, check the addresses and detect the invalid IDs. The decision to remove them solely rests on your choice.

3) Find the extended details

Many times, it’s crucial to know and understand the origination of every email address to know the source of potential harm email addresses such as spam traps and spambots. When you know the origin, you can recognize areas from which you can expect an active response in the future. Spend your energy on cleaning the marketing list using email list cleaner to reach the inbox of the customers. Companies who overlook list verification are never successful in building an official email list. Start list cleaning today to avoid potential bottlenecks in the later stages.