3 Actionable Ways to Build Your Email List

Are you in a dilemma over how to grow your email subscribers? Don’t worry; you’re not the only one! A number of marketers around the world, find it difficult to connect with the target audience at the right time. Without an audience, doing business is next to impossible. Therefore, building a subscriber list should be the topmost priority whether you’re starting fresh or you run a successful business. Your list is not going to grow overnight; you need to work persistently hard to achieve the goal. However, list building is just half the battle because you focus on list validation to connect with the target audience. Focus on cleaning the email list using email verification tool to remove inactive, dormant and incorrect email addresses permanently.

3 Actionable Ways to Build Your Email List – Email Verification Tool

Read ahead to explore strategies that will not your charge your email list, but will also result in traffic jackpot.

1) Get published in huge publications

Wait! Getting published doesn’t mean that you write a guest post. Find a publication website that republishes content according to the requirement. You only need to 15-20% of the article, update the headline, and your content is ready to for re-publication.  Most of the publication website has a huge fan following and if your content sparks interest, you can drive organic traffic to your website. However, not every article you republish will drive email subscribers. But, they will help you build some useful backlinks and social proof. Also, in the author’s bio, remember to include the link to your landing page for the readers to subscribe.

2) Answer the queries of the audience

List building is not rocket science, you simply have to find where your target audience is and you just need to get in front of them. Today, a plethora of customers use Quora to ask their queries regarding different brands. Therefore, create a Quora profile and use an appropriate call-to-action. Start by answering queries that have followers to the number of answers ratio of 6:1. Also, avoid using your company’s name, otherwise you will come across as a spammer. Instead, focus on crafting informative, meaningful and well-written answers pertaining to your industry. Then, attach the link to your CTA at the very end. Furthermore, remember to carry out list verification in real-time using email verification tool to remove inactive customers.

3) Host a viral giveaway

Without having any special connection and without spending money on the giveaway prize, marketers can grow their email list. Never offer Amazon gift cards because you will end up with low-quality subscribers who only want to avail the offer. To make this strategy work, you don’t require a pre-existing fan base, you only need the right approach. Focus on promoting the giveaway on social media platforms and submitting the same on giveaway websites. Give extra entries to anyone who shares your post with their friends and family members. Your email list can easily become the most lucrative sources of revenue. All you need is use the actionable strategies and scrub the marketing list using email verification tool.