101 of List Bombing

You’re relatively new to the business of email list, and you’re concentrating on growing it steadily to reach the inbox of the customers. A slow and steady email growth list is seen as a positive factor because you’re new to this game. But, after a few months, table turn in your favor and you see a skyrocketing growth in the number of subscribers. So, are the efforts finally reaping? Or it’s some other game, you’re unaware of? What you’re witnessing is a cyber-attack wherein a large number of email addresses automatically sign-up for the newsletter without the consent of the owner. The cyber-bullying is called as ‘List Bombing.’ When list bombing occurs, marketers can see the same email signed-up for ‘n’ number of times. Though it’s difficult to protect the marketing list from list bombing, you can prevent the damage by using list verification software like email verification tool to remove duplicate accounts from the list.

101 of List Bombing – Email Verification Tool

How will you know if its list bombing?

Fortunately, using a bouquet of indicators, you can understand whether the cyber-bullies are affecting your marketing strategy or not. On encountering a sudden surge in the number of subscribers checks the data to identify repeating email addresses. Duplicate emails is a sign that your list is infected with customers who are unaware of your brand. Another way to know whether the customers are genuine or are an of list bombing is by checking the IP address. If the same IP address is used over and over again for sign-up, block the IP address and remove the account which was created using that IP address from the database.

Lastly, hunt for .gov or other high-level domains and email providers on the mailing list. If your business usually received a sign-up request from Gmail or Yahoo, a switch to .gov or other domains indicates that something is fishy. Furthermore, focus on cleaning the list using email verification tool to remove duplicate and inactive accounts.

How to Prevent List Bombing?

Protecting the email list from cyber-attacks is crucial because your list is the backbone of a successful email campaign. As a marketer, focus on implementing the following changes ASAP.

a) Captcha on the sign-up form

Using the Captcha, you add an extra layer of security by forcing the cyber-attackers to solve a puzzle or enter the given text. It helps in preventing bots and automated systems from subscribing to the newsletter.

b) Clean the mailing list

Time and again, we are stressing the importance of list validation. Cleaning the mailing list on a regular basis will prevent you from preventing the damage before it becomes irreparable. Scrub the marketing list using email verification tool once every three months to avert list bombing from having an impact on your marketing figures.

c) Focus on double opt-in

It will help you in proactively identifying real subscribers and help you remove fake customers. When someone is not confirming their email address – they’re not real subscribers. The more security layer you add during the sign-up process, the easier it will become to prevent list bombing.