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There are a number of email verifier out there and to truly analyze each of their performance against our own email verifier would be quite a task. What we do want to do, is give you guidelines on how to choose a good email list cleaning software, what the common pitfalls are, what to look out for, and what not to use at any cost.


When trying to validate email, there are a number of things that come into play. One of the most important ones is the program’s ability to verify against live feeds of spam trap and complainers database. Its importance is highlighted in many parts of our website especially the email verification technology page. Without it, you are basically verifying an email address for its validity. Most of the programs out there verify just this but even in this verification process, they don’t end up doing a particularly good job. While this might help you keep your bounce rate down, it certainly doesn’t help in keeping your sender’s reputation up.


You see once you start hitting email addresses known as honey pots/spam traps, the ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail start to mark where the emails are coming from including but not limited to FROM address, IP address and other such details. They will feed it into their system to continually place an active monitor or worst block any emails coming from you. This way, all those dollars invested on preparing your email campaign will come to utter waste since the email list cleaning software you trusted hasn’t really delivered the results you were hoping for. A good point to remember and avoid pitfalls is to look for software that tracks spam traps addresses and complainers so you can avoid sending your email campaigns to them.


Another important point we want to make is on downloadable email list cleaning software. We highly recommend NOT using them. Why? Because, all these programs usually are created by a couple of guys who know how to code. They don’t understand the complexity of RFC email standards. They just code it in simple way. Some of them are as worst as verifying just if an email address has @” and a right domain extension (Eg. Com). This is no good.


You need a program that can also keep your IP out of harm’s way. This doesn’t happen when you buy software that you can run from your PC. This is because all the email validation and email verification is done purely from your IP. There is no anonymity and it will make things worse than better because now ISPs know you have been trying to connect and disconnect a large number of times. Downloadable software is an absolute NO for many other reasons. It takes up your bandwidth (internet usage), your reputation, and complaints from your ISP – just to name a few.


We suggest you use an online email list cleaning software to clean up your list. List hygiene is important to get that email campaign performance boost that you are after.

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