Get Results API

Get results API is ideal for downloading the processed mailing lists from our system. You can use this API after making sure the job you uploaded has finished processing. To check the progress of your job, use our Job Progress API. Once the percentage attribute has reached “100.00” and the stage is set to “completed”, use the following API command to retrieve the results.

It is a simple HTTP POST request with these parameters:

user_API_token: your email verifier account's API Token
job_id: the ID(s) that you were given by batch_process API

You would need to input your API key for your Email Verifier App account into the progress request you are making.

API Endpoint:

Body Parameters:

user_API_token: [Your-API-Token]
job_id: 001

Note: If you uploaded multiple files, you would have been given multiple job IDs. Please submit one job ID in each request you make.

Return Values:
status string – Tells you the status of the request made success | failed
percentage float – Tells you the percentage of the job that is completed 0-100
stage – Tells you what part of the process the job you uploaded is currently in In Queue | Processing | Completed
invalid_result_link string – Tells you the location/URL of the invalid results file.
valid_result_link string – Tells you the location/URL of the valid results file.
unknown_link string – Tells you the location/URL of the unknown results file.

Example JSON Response:

  "status": "success",
  "percentage": "100.00",
  "stage": "Completed",
  "invalid_result_link": "",
  "valid_result_link": "",
  "unknown_link": ""


Looking for batch process API Sample Codes? You should be able to find all major language sample codes including C, cURL, C#, GO, Java, Javascript, NodeJS, Objective-C, PHP, Python, Ruby, Shell and more. Need help with this specific API command or others? Get in touch with our support team.

Can’t find your API Token? See this article – Where can I find API Token? If you are running out of credit and need more credit for your API transactions, please refer to the article on adding API credit to your account.

Note: “user_API_token” is case sensitive. So API is really uppercase and the rest of it is lower case. Failure to do this might result in an error. In addition to this, you MUST have enough API credit to use this API. You can convert your monthly credit to API credit from your control panel through the Real-time API Page.


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